Lucid Creations - Transformational Design & Artistry by Alicia Jade Keys

Visual Design Specialization

Business Cards

Logos and Watermarks are a vital part of the Identity & Branding Design process that are unique to each client. This concept to creation venture is like an unveiling of your newfound authentic mark in the world, redefined through a visual interpretation of you; via color, typeface & symbolic iconography that best represent your company / identity, aiming to attract your target demographic through creative strategies.


Business Cards

Business Card Development includes layout design and typography. If you are a new business and need a logo to include in your business card design, this can be included in a design package. I like to print through, a quality eco-conscious print company the caters to diverse printing needs. I can also work with local sustainable print companies in your area.

Business Card Design

Web Design

Web site design services are available. I can help you create anything from a simple landing page design to a complex interactive multi-page website. I can both create the visual design graphics and code the back end to get your website rolling for all to see. If you’re interested in a user friendly back end site, where you can make edits to the site in the future on your own – CMS (content management systems) like WordPress, Joomla & Concreate 5 can be used.



Flyers, Posters, Hand bills, Banners, and Ads ( both web and print format ) are available design services to help bring awareness of your next event or business venture. Social Media site building is also and integral part of marketing and advertising that can be utilized.

Advertising Sample


Product Packaging Designs such as Music Albums, Book Covers, Labels, Tags & Unique Enclosed Packaging Designs are available. All to deliver your goods the way you want them dressed up.

Product Packaging Design

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